AQUA B.I.G. Forum & Expo Hong Kong 2017

September 2017 (exact date to be announced)



Aqua B.I.G.2017 is being held September 2017 in Hong Kong. This is the inaugural event of what we believe will be a regular ‘must attend’ activity. We are requesting abstracts of original papers for the formal Paper Sessions and Poster Sessions of the Conference.

Technology and innovation is the key to expansion. Technology transfer is crucial to assist countries which technology is lacking behind to maximize its harvest. In addition to worldwide food supply, seafood is also crucial to development of other industries such as marine renewable energy, cosmetic, health & pharmacology, environment & clean tech. The Forum & Expo will be held around the globe as a platform for ideas exchange, technological transfer, research and possible solutions to technical issues identified, and for all other related industries to better understand and maximize marine resources available. The Conference Program will be made up of formal Sessions, Workshop Sessions and a stand-alone Poster Session.

The Poster Session will be a single 3-hour session with no competition from any other Paper or Workshop Session. Therefore all the delegates will be able to participate in this important aspect of the Conference. Similarly, the Poster presenters will be able to attend all the Sessions.
The theme will canvass (though not limited to) the topics listed below; particularly topics related to Business, Industry and Government:

  • Innovation in fishery, aquaculture and coastal management and governance;
  • New concepts in ocean bioscience, ocean engineering and ocean biotechnology;
  • Technology including robotics in respect of production and/or harvesting including underwater activities;
  • Ocean information technology and knowledge;
  • Issues of fish bioscience and technology;
  • Food & Nutrition – for humans and fish/seafood;
  • Cosmetics relating to harvests from the ocean;
  • Marine Renewable Energy;
  • Health, Medicines & Pharmacology relating to harvests from the ocean;
  • Environment & Clean Tech;
  • New concepts in seafood traceability and seafood safety;
  • Innovation in seafood marketing from harvester through to consumer;
  • New concepts relating to ocean research, investment and funding;
  • Solutions to Oceanic crimes and deviance including piracy, food fraud, Illegal, Unregulated and Unreported (IUU) seafood and insurance;
  • Novel Communication into the future;
  • Fresh packaging concepts to minimise use of plastic with seafood;
  • Any novel issues relevant to the Blue Economy not listed above.

 All abstracts must be in English – the official language of the conference.

Each oral presenter shall be entitled to no more than 12 minutes for a presentation, plus 3 minutes for questions. Authors of studies involving proprietary products or formulations should present this information in workshops or the Expo. Oral presentations should use Power Point, Prezi, etc. Slides, overhead projectors and video players will not be available or allowed.

All presenters are required to pay their own registration accommodation and travel expenses. Aqua B.I.G.2017 cannot subsidize registration fees, travel, or hotel costs.

A USB Abstract Book will be given to registered attendees.

Aqua B.I.G.2017 encourages the submission of high quality oral and poster presentations and look forward to seeing you in Hong Kong.

Questions about paper submission? Send us an email.